Watch This Old Interview From The Wendy Williams Show Where Draya Talks About Stripping And Dating DeShawn Stevenson

On this week’s Basketball Wives LA season three premiere, Draya got called out for her dating behavior a number of times, in pretty blunt and unflattering terms. First, newcomer Ariane Williams wanted the scoop on Draya’s dating history with Ariane’s ex, DeShawn Stevenson because, as Ariane mentioned, Draya discussed DeShawn during an interview on The Wendy Williams Show. Later, another newbie, Brittish Williams, asked Draya straight up is she was “a ho.”

Well, we found the Wendy clip that Ariane mentioned, which was filmed when Draya was just starting out on season one one Basketball Wives LA. “DeShawn I dated for a little while,” she says in the clip. Wendy also veers into Brittish territory, although the language she uses is a little less blunt than “ho,” when she asks Draya “How many basketball players have you been with? I know that’s — if you don’t watch the show it’s like, Wendy, you’re crazy, but this girl has gotten around and I appreciate you being honest about it.”

Watch the clip here and let us know what you think — was Wendy just as harsh as Brittish? And does Draya deserve all this judgment? Draya also admits in the clip that she was a stripper when times were tough, which is another issue she’ll get called out on on next week’s show. Her past is certainly being dragged up this season, but as this clip shows, she’s not trying to hide it.

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