I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: ‘Hot GRITS’ Star Emily Gets Tricked Into Eating Raccoon Meat

From the classic Southern Belles to the outdoorsy/don’t-mind-getting-dirty type of girls, the series premiere of Hot GRITS served up a prime example of Southern Hospitality. When we first meet Emily, she has no hesitation in claiming that Valdosta is too small of a town for her and that she is ready for a more glamorous life in Jacksonville. When talking to Ratchet at the lake, she makes it pretty clear that she is above the simple lifestyle that Valdosta has to offer and that she is disgusted at the thought of trying raccoon meat.

When Emily heads over to Sarah, Jenna, and Ratchet’s house the three girls trick Emily into trying raccoon meat. Emily, who is on a restricted healthy diet, believes that she is eating steak filet in her salad. Once the jig is up, Emily keeps her composure and tells the girls that “Emily doesn’t get mad, she gets even”. Uh-Oh! We can’t wait to watch Emily’s revenge plot unfold — all in good fun, we hope!

Rewatch this gross moment and share your thoughts/comments below!

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