Prince Has Tragically Passed…But His Music and Live Performances Live On

We can’t deny that we are still in shock and in denial over learning that the iconic superstar who will be forever known as Prince passed away at his Paisley Park home today at a young 57 years of age.

He was notoriously prolific and surely had much more to give the world. Still, as the hunt for his unreleased tracks and snippets of studio time and apparent vault of unreleased music will show, we probably have lots more musically to discover of this one in a generation talent.

Did you know that he released his first album, on Warner Brothers, at 17 years old? And that he performed all the instruments and vocals on that album? All of them. If you’ve gone to his concerts you know that was a common site to see him be the front man and his own back up band!

Of course he had incredible runs with fantastic bands throughout his career (The Revolution, The Time, New Power Generation, and most recently 3rdeyegirl) and always seemed to promote female musicians (Remember Sheila E? RIP. damn.)

Purple microphone sillhouette

RIP Purple One

I was always struck by how down to earth he seemed when doing interviews. If his music persona was larger than life and mysterious as his ubiquitous Symbol, one on one with Prince was like talking to (an outrageously talented and gifted) guy next door. By all accounts, he didn’t veer too far from his Mid west roots, being from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he was celebrated as their pop ambassador.

Remember the whole Michael Jackson vs. Prince debates among your friends in the 1980s? I never understood it. I loved them both! Remember his live performance at the 2007 Super Bowl half-time show? The best, ever.

Besides being a legend on his own, did you know Prince penned famous hits for other people and groups? Apolloniaactually recorded the first version of Manic Monday, which Prince wrote and composed, that was ultimately released and popularized by the Bangles.

A Tribute to Prince: A Collection of His Best Live Concert Performances

We’ve pulled together a few of his most memorable, hypnotic live music performances. One thing that is consistent about Prince when you look and listen to the footage is his nearly irrepressible joy when he plays the guitar and is in the sonic zone. He can’t help but shows flashes of his smile as he jams and grooves to his inner music muse. It’s a site to behold.

Prince Performing with Tom Petty, Steve Wynwood and Jeff Lynn at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

These are in no particular order, but we thought we’d start with one of his more recent, when he performed at the close of the 2004 Rock and Role Hall of Fame ceremony, when he was inducted.

Prince Performing Controversy at the Capitol Theatre

LOVE this funk groove. Ah… so much love for the 1980s!

Prince and Cee-Lo Green in New York

This is the most awesome version of Cee-Lo’s hit “Crazy” you’ll hear!

Sign O The Times Lost Concert Film

Check out Rolling Stone Magazine‘s feature on Prince’s Sign O’ The Times concert film, a treat if you never had the chance to see Prince perform live. The film is one of only four motion pictures he starred in.

Prince at the 2007 Superbowl Half-time Show

Killing it in the pouring rain! I can’t believe this tribute was pulled together so quickly. Check out an unforgettable performance of some of our favorites “Purple Rain”, “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Baby I’m a Star”, “Proud Mary”, “All Along the Watchtower” and more!

We can’t embed it but you can find it here.

Also see People Magazine’s compilation of Prince’s top 7 live performances and E! Online’s mix of recorded and live videos of Prince.

As we get access to more performances, we’ll post them or links to them here as we mourn the incredible loss of our beloved master musician, the legendary Prince. Stay tuned.

What was your favorite performance or recording by Prince? Let’s Go Crazy? Little Red Corvette? Diamonds and Pearls? Let us know in the comments below.

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