Video: Phantom Regiment Concert in the Park-Juliet

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  1. They were at the first Drum Corps Competition I went to. I still remember hearing the impact at 1:20 and being completely blown away. I instantly fell in love with Phantom (more than I already was). This performance motivated me to switch to brass and I'll always remember it for that <3

  2. Love theme from Romeo and Juliet is so beautiful :')

  3. So good…

  4. I'm so glad they changed the sectional solis at 7:35.
    The change made them so much more effective.

  5. Actually, It's based in Alabama :P

  6. I love watching the contra's slowly die as the show goes on. (I'm not hating, I'm loving cause I know Jupiters)

  7. Or 6:41

  8. Late reply, yes, they have females in their horn line. The only Corps in DCI that are male only are the Cavaliers and Madison Scouts.

  9. Complete whoa.

  10. Phantom Regiment – The leading cause of goosebumps/chills

  11. The mellos note in the chord at 1:54 gave me chills.

  12. That's because it was. 😛

  13. The music also sounds like the music from the 1968 romeo and juliet movie

  14. DCI is coming to our schools field this summer…awwwwe cant wait

  15. Crazy how much a show can change by finals! :)

  16. The show sounds different…

  17. amplification is not allowed


  18. This is one of the most beautiful ways to get someone to cry lol

  19. You've got Spirit of Atlanta over in, well, Atlanta.

  20. I wish this kinda stuff could happen in Alabama. DCI doesn't exist here.

  21. Anyone have the sheet music to this!? I'd love to play this for my band class!

  22. That poor tuba on the bottom right is dying by the end of this video. Definately looks like June.

  23. Charles Demonnin says:

    R.I.P. Those contra players' ears

  24. This is beautiful

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