The View – Day of Hot Topics – Emma Thompson [HD] PART 1 [11/09/2009] The View is ABC Daytime’s morning chat fest, featuring a team of five dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing the most exciting events of the day. The show consists of the five co-anchors debating topics in the news. Throughout each show they are joined by the best experts in their field and celebrtiy guests. The show is currently in it’s twelfth season. November 09 2009 – Emma Thompson It’s a day of Hot Topics with music from Teena Marie and a visit from actress Emma Thompson. Synopsis


  1. you shouldn’t endulge children on their sibling’s birthday; they need to learn early on that it isn’t always about them, and it helps them to understand another person’s POV.

  2. darkstar1345a says:

    i would say that calling this hd in the title is a misrepresentation

  3. spaderzparadise says:

    well that just means they would celebrate the birthdays on the same day with triplets or more right ?? lol

  4. ifu1seekamy says:

    Actually, my little brother is two about to turn 3 and he knows when it’s our other brother’s birthday or my birthday. He doesn’t complain about it because he knows that he had his birthday and that he had his presents when it was his birthday. I think that it’s how a parent teach his/her kids. My mom would never give him a present if it was my birthday. Even if he cries, because that’s just spoiling him. I don’t think you should give someone else a present when it’s not his/her birthday.

  5. It’s so ridiculous. So typical of the mainstream media…

    Barbara is totally spot on. If they’d have had more psychiatrists, someone would’ve noticed “Wait a minute, this guy is batshit crazy”, and even if the other troops were afraid of being called discriminatory, the psychiatrist would’ve called it out.

    That’s the beauty of having the psychiatrists do the work, they’ll find the soldiers who will potentially rape another soldier, or a christian fundamentalist, or straight out psychopaths.

  6. tweet01uk says:

    “….full of crap” those were the words she was looking for lol

  7. TheAleska1987 says:

    A gift for all the kids on ONE kids birthday? umm they better get the EF over it! Which is exactly what I will tell my daughter if she EVER acts ENTITLED to ANYTHING! screw that bullmess

  8. sxcboy4u says:

    sorry i ment Hasselbeck dintnt get the point

  9. sxcboy4u says:

    she again misses the point

  10. TheGravy44 you’re awesome. Thanks for uploading, I miss the show every morning because of my schedule.

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