Gary Numan live Track 12 The Skin Game – “Alternative Anthology”

Gary Numan slide show. Track 12 The Skin Game – “Down in the Park: The Alternative Anthology”. No copyright infringement intended. All rights to artist and label. I own none of this but just wanted to pay a tribute to my favourite male artist. Here is a live track from the Gary Numan compilation album Down in the Park: The Alternative Anthology. The compilation of tracks are from various live albums. Nice collection though but let me know which album the song was originally from if you know. The slide show tribute is photos from various sources and some “2001: A Space Odyssey” pix to fill in space. Enjoy the album! Tracks are: 01 Confessions 4:29 02 America 3:14 03 Me! I Disconnect From You 3:16 04 Call Out The Dogs 4:06 05 Emotion 5:05 06 Are Friends Electric? 6:36 07 We Are Glass 4:40 08 U Got The Look 4:08 09 Your Fascination 4:41 10 Time To Die 4:16 11 Cars 3:39 12 The Skin Game 6:21 13 I Die You Die 3:08 14 Down In The Park 4:47 15 My Shadow In Vain 2:48 16 We Take Mystery To Bed 6: 30

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