Was George Carlin influenced by Bill Hicks?

If you like this video, don’t forget to rate it. The higher the rating is, the more likely other people are to watch it. By the way, it isn’t about some ego boost to me if the video gets a high rating, but I do think this is a topic worth discusing, so the more people who view it the better. Thanks! To hear Carlin and Hicks’ thoughts on one another, click here www.youtube.com Carlin says of Hicks, he “had so much edgy promise”. Even if people strongly disagree with the suggestions made by this video, I hope they’ll judge it on its own merits as a video ie if it’s well edited, if the quality of the clips are good, and so forth. And I love discussing both of these comics, so if you want leave a comment. This video DOES NOT say that George Carlin stole from Bill Hicks. It does not insist that George Carlin plagiarised Bill Hicks’ work. It merely points out that some of their comedy was very similar. It sets out to answer the question, was George Carlin influenced by Bill Hicks? Carlin and Hicks were two of the most abrasive and controversial stand-up comedians America ever produced. However, Hicks died quite young, aged 32, of pancreatic cancer in 1994, before ever achieving widespread fame in his native country. Carlin was a much more revered figure in the US, recorded 14 HBO specials to packed audiences before his death from heart-failure in 2008. Carlin style of comedy during the early part of his career was more character based, with creations like “Wonderful Wino” and


  1. Christoffski says:

    They inspired each other.

  2. Paul Verheijen says:

    Great Minds think alike, we need more of those people

  3. The thing is, they were both telling the truth….

  4. TheRealDerfMan says:

    I’ve entertained the same idea before, but your video takes it a little too far. They both influenced each other, and that’s the end of that. I understand people going as far as saying you’re a Hicks worshiper, because you’re only presenting one side of the coin.

  5. ThatNoodleLizard says:

    This is silly. If anything, they both influenced each other. Hicks’s comedy would likely not exist if it weren’t for Carlin’s, but I’m sure comedians like Hicks and Kinison did go some way to shaping George’s later output (that being said, Hicks wasn’t very popular in America until after his death, so Carlin probably wouldn’t have seen much of him in the late 80s when his style began to change).

    There’s not much use in comparing them, though, they’re really very different comedians.

  6. myusername56 says:

    Are you really equating having a bit pulled from a network television program with being arrested for indecency, which both Carlin and Bruce were?

  7. 5t0rmTroop3r says:

    dude you’re deff a hicks worshipper… I thought you might be really trying to make a point and ask a legit question but i can see that when you start going back and forth so many times with the same things they say you make it sound like he plagiarized esp about popping out kids at 5:20

  8. RayWiIIiamJonhnson says:

    Wow they’re acts barely even resembled each others. The only thing they really had in common was their cynicism.

  9. bdabitua says:

    @HaaziqRaheel You say that Bill Hicks didn’t have to go through the era of comedy censorship? You do know he had a whole bit pulled from Letterman because he made a joke about pro-lifers. Do your homework before you make a comment.

  10. MikDonsen says:

    They both influenced eachother, comedy is a relatively small art, but this is no way compares to denis leary. Leary didn’t just take jokes, he took the entire act. He mimmicked hicks in pretty much every way.

  11. TheYoungTurds1 says:

    Carlin and Hicks were very similar thinkers. Carlin was beginning to change and agitate the status quo in the late 70’s. Hicks was the one who directly, challenged the stat us quo (govt corruption, drug use, consumerism etc.) in the late 80’s. When Hicks died, Carlin with the same ideas took his place.Both viewed the world nearly the same, but chose to deliver their views at different times. Once Hicks had softened up the media, Carlin thought it was a good time to do his material.

  12. ShadowGunGC says:

    of course he was influenced. as Hicks was influenced by Carlin. Its the way acting ( and by extension comedy) works. You watch and observe others and take what you see and incorporate it into your style, using someone else work as a base, molding it to your form, and the enhancing it with someone else touch, turning many little things from multiple people into something that is your own.

  13. fletchisrhsm says:

    Hey, commented a year ago, from Erie as well, small world!

  14. Jamespullharder1 says:

    sam kinison said the same thing so peole think alike there all hilarious so let there be light

  15. bman462 says:

    This has probably been said already, but I think it’s more of a tribute to the great genius of Bill than a ripoff. Realize, that unlike Dennis, Carlin doesn’t need a career at this point in time in the video.

  16. CreepyTom says:

    Just my two cents here: they were both very intelligent men who came to similar conclusions. I believe that if Carlin was aware of Bill (to some extent, he probably was) he probably was influenced by him, in the sense that Bill may have indirectly inspired him to speak his mind more. Tell people things they might not have wanted to hear.

    Of course, I’m not American, I’m from Ireland, were I gather Bill’s a little better known.

  17. castro051987 says:

    You cannot compare these two bec it isnt stealing nor influencing they have very diff styles they def talk about the same thing however they do it in different ways. Try to watch all their stand ups then make theories. FUCK YOU!! HAHA not to sound like a dick but im trying not to sound like you.

  18. castro051987 says:

    So obviously you have your timelines fucked up. How can george be influenced by a man that developed after he already started. George fucking carlin developed his style a long time ago the only thing that changed was the criteria. Always being the devil’s advocate… However bill hicks is way more political. Bill hicks also is more drug oriented. (up front)

  19. trevinoband says:

    this is kind of crazy. I always would think about it when I listened to both comedians. I still think there both the best.

  20. I love both these comedians. I think Carlin’s style was better but Hicks should be revered more because he was great as well.

  21. casio2003uk says:

    now i see clearly, but carlin is still good

  22. Necros21 says:

    Carlin influenced by Hicks? I dont’t think so. Check out George’s earlier work, without being a Hicks fanboy. He was an okay comedian but Carlin was a lot better, his performances were much higher quality. This video proves nothing, and it’s not objective.

  23. SCOverstreet says:

    Don’t look at it as a competition or a who-influenced-who theory. It’s just two different people double-teaming the same truth. There’s no coincidence the topics are the same… because it’s all true. That was sort of their thing… talking about subjects noone wanted to discuss. Not to mention they’re both liberal acid-heads, so it’s no coincidence their angles were the same either. Why not focuss on the topic at hand rather than who said what first.

  24. MyceliaProductions42 says:

    They are both legends, and no doubt Hicks influenced many comedians (especially the more politically-oriented ones). It’s hard to be good and NOT be influenced by the masters! 🙂

  25. Mandeee3 says:

    Interesting. For anyone who comments that one copied the other, consider this: it is said that there is truth behind every joke; therefore, there is one pool of knowledge from which these comedians dip. Smart comedians make a point through humor, and because these two agree is no more saying they copy one another than to assume that two people who happenn to agree copy eachother. Researchers must bounce information among themselves all the time, and sooner or later they’re bound to agree.

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