Ballad of the Stormrider by Iced Earth Cover

My desktop’s dead. Everything else is on hold. ‘Till I get it fixed, I’m just playing guitar. So yeah. Forgive mistakes. I don’t care. This is just for fun and practice. These songs are some of my favorites I’ve ever listened to. They flow so perfectly into one another and build up into a fantastic album. I’ve already covered the last song of Night of the Stormrider, Travel in Stygian, but it’s an album that I love to play in its entirety. So to celebrate, I gave a shot at playing all three songs in a row. This absolutely KILLS the picking hand. It’s nonstop triplets and whatnot, lol. The songs covered are: Angel’s Holocaust Stormrider The Path I Choose from the Alive in Athens album, 2nd disc. I seriously recommend everyone listen to that. One of the best live albums I’ve heard. It’s insane everything they pull off, honestly. Schaffer is an incredible guitar player, and Barlow’s vocals are astounding.


  1. AnimeNoahXD says:

    I like how you play the music loudly over your own.

  2. JackWilsonIsAbridged says:

    This is so much better with the April Fool’s Day Youtube thing.

  3. KillerDeShelly says:

    I couldn’t hear any mistakes over the awesome.

  4. LordMoonstone says:

    Thank you very much! I can definitely learn it. Freaking love that song!

  5. MetalCake166 says:

    Oh man, that was great. Can you do Dante’s Inferno?

  6. satenshi says:

    when you say that everything’s on hold, does that include the abridging contest?

  7. LordMoonstone says:

    Episode 3 is completely scripted and was being edited when my desktop died. As soon as I get it up, it’ll be made 🙂 I’m waiting for it just as much as you.

  8. anubisxdmj0 says:

    just so you know I’m actually still waiting for more Fuuma no Kojirou Abridged

  9. EmporerMage says:

    And then there was a cover… of epicness… and I cried a little… but the tears made me a man…

  10. JackWilsonIsAbridged says:

    I’m sorry.This definitely needs more explosions.

  11. joeybuddy96 says:

    The color is a brilliant light gold with a pale green cast, while the nose displays hints of vanilla, citrus and a blend of floral and subtle grassy notes. Dry and textured, the flavors show inviting mineral accents. Your rendition tastes splendid, Kirran.

  12. Good on ya, I saw ’em too. Got their wallet as a souvenir (didn’t really care for the t shirt designs). Personally I thought their setlist was great, a lot of classics and some of the bast tracks off the new album.

  13. LordMoonstone says:

    Thank you very much. I highly recommend them. You can’t go wrong if you enjoyed those songs because they rarely change styles or song structure 😛

  14. LordMoonstone says:

    Thanks dude! Yea, Iced Earth is pretty same-y, but I just love triplets, what can I say. Lol.

    And yea I did! They were phenomenal. Played like they were at a stadium in a bar of 300 people, haha.

  15. TheFourteenthNumber says:

    Come on Kirran, this is a FANDUB not a COVER! :P

  16. As meh as I am about Iced Earth (and most all Power Metal really), I can’t deny the awesomeness of your axe wielding.

    BTW, did you catch Blind Guardian on their last US tour?

  17. Megami36 says:

    Daaaaaannnnnggggggg! That’s awesome! X3

  18. jpace92 says:

    Great guitar playing man, I haven’t heard of this band’s stuff but this has definitely convinced me to check them out

  19. polarity345 says:

    mad props to you sir!

  20. BossTrigger says:



  21. MrSkoringo says:

    Two fingers WAY UP!
    Im kind of ok with it.

  22. HarrysFiddlesticks says:

    liked, that’s all I got to say:)

  23. satenshi says:


  24. ChadVisionAbridged says:


  25. CardboardLawyer says:

    Pour some sugar on me.

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