JIM CUDDY & GREG KEELER CAME TO NEW YORK CITY IN 1981 AND STARTED A BAND CALLED “FLY TO FRANCE” WITH DRUMMER STEVE ADORNO (SEGUIDA,GQ) AND FESIEL KAHN ON BASS.. Jim said “In Fly, we played all kinds of music: ska, reggae, punk, rock, etc. We did all the same futile stuff every band does. We had a manager who made a series of dumb decisions and then disappeared, chased futile leads with promo people and sent out endless packages. Finally, Greg and I decided we would just sit and record a bunch of songs from beginning to end. We got a New Zealand band, The Drongoes, to help us and we recorded a demo with “Try”, “Floating”, “Outskirts” and “Rose Coloured Glasses”.” thery moved back to canada and became :BLUE RODEO”. Since the release of their debut album, Outskirts, in March 1987, Blue Rodeo has established themselves as one of the premiere bands in Canadian music history. Their eleventh studio album, Small Miracles, was released in the fall of 2007 on Warner Music in Canada and TeleSoul Records in the US. Over the course of their stellar career Blue Rodeo has released 11 studio albums, two live albums, a greatest hits collection and an award-winning DVD, selling in excess of four million copies around the world. VIDEO COPYRIGHT : J & S ADORNO 2009

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